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In-House Art Department
S&K Label has a complete in-house art department. Our skilled designers are capable of handling most artwork challenges. You can have your graphic designer supply artwork for your label, or let S&K design your label for you. Either way, you can be sure all artwork will be properly set-up to produce the best label possible.

Please follow the artwork guidelines below to ensure proper printing of your label.

Note: If supplied artwork does not meet S&K's specifications, artwork retouching/re-creation charges may be necessary.

Artwork Guidelines
Software Compatibility

Adobe Illustrator®
Adobe Photoshop®
Adobe InDesign®

*Note: The preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator®.

Acceptable file formats

Other file formats may not be useable or may require re-creation charges.
Note: S&K can not use images placed in Word documents, images from websites or faxes.

File Setup
Art should be set to 100% of the final label size.
All raster images must be a minimum of 300 dpi.
Bleeds must extend 1/16" beyond label edge.
Bleed borders must extend 1/16" both inside and outside label edge.
All copy/images must be positioned at least 1/32" from
label edge.
All images must be cropped to size in native application

Art files must include all used fonts or all copy must be converted to curves(outlines).
Fonts must be Mac compatible - Postscript or Multiple Master (MM).

Note: If fonts are converted to outlines, the copy will no longer be editable. S&K will require the fonts and original file in order to make copy changes.

Art file submission
Label all disks/emails with company name, contact name, and label reference name.
Give each file name a simple reference name.
Any revised files must have a different file name than the original. (i.e. filename-2)
All files should be kept together (in a folder) to maintain links.
Large files should be compressed.
Email files to - artwork@sklabel.com

Send disks to -

S&K Label Co.
147 Covington Dr.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Pre-press Proofs
All artwork, whether supplied by customer or produced by S&K, is proofed and must be approved before production. Proofs are sent to customer via email, in pdf format.

Press proofs
S&K Label produces press-proofs at no charge* for digital full-color labels. It is suggested that every customer take advantage of this service due to color variations in different printing processes. Press-proofs will be sent via FedEx. Press-proofs may be produced for labels that are not digital full-color for additional charges.

*Note: Shipping charges are the customer's responsibility. Up to one press-proof revision at no charge.
Contact us for more information on press-proofs.

Phone: 800.334.2980 • Fax: 630.307.2579
147 Covington Drive, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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